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Axis Bank was founded in India in 1990 as UTI Bank. It is the 3rd largest private sector bank in India with about 2402 branches. It also has overseas locations in at Singapore, Colombo, Hong Kong, Dubai, Shanghai and Abu Dhabi. The bank also has a subsidiary in the UK called Axis Bank UK ltd.

Axis Bank auto loan calculators help users figure out the best loan for purchasing a vehicle. The bank offers up to 85% financing for 7 years. Learn more about Axis bank auto loans and how to apply by following this link.  


Axis bank offers some of the most attractive auto loan rates in India. The rates vary from person to person based on their financial status and the loan options they opt for. You can find out more about auto loan rates here.

Axis Bank Auto Loan Rates

Axis Bank Auto Loan Rates


How to Calculate

This tool comes in handy when the user wants to determine whether or not they qualify for an auto loan and how much they can get. The following questions must be answered.

  • Where do you live?
  • When did you move to current city?
  • Residence type
  • Date of Birth
  • Make & model of car (ex. Honda City) Type slowly for autofill
  • Ex-showroom price of car (indicative prices) Based on selected car
  • Type of employment

Enter all required entries and click ‘Check your eligibility’

This calculator helps loan applicants to work out how much the loan will cost them on a monthly basis. This way, they are able to determine what amount of loan they can qualify for and how much they can spend on a car. The following entries are required for computation.

  • Loan amount
  • Interest rate
  • Tenure
  • Processing fee
  • Prepayment

Enter all the variables to compute.