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BancFirst is an Oklahoma-based bank with locations in over 40 communities in that state. BancFirst traces its roots to H.E. Rainbolt’s purchase of Shawnee, Oklahoma’s Federal National Bank. H.E. Rainbolt continued to purchase more banks throughout the ensuing decades and named his banking company BankFirst in 1989, the same year the company’s corporate offices were established in Oklahoma City. BancFirst now has over 90 branches and operates over 150 ATMs throughout Oklahoma.

BankFirst offers the ability to transfer funds between accounts to online banking customers, as well as the ability to make payments to individuals and organizations who are not BankFirst customers. A demo of BankFirst’s online banking features that includes instructions on how to send money is viewable here.

Routing Number

  • 103003632

Swift Code

  • BFOKUS44

Routing Number On Check

Routing numbers are used by banks to identify wire transfers. Banking customers need to know their routing number to initiate wire transfers and to set up direct deposit of their paychecks to their checking accounts. Your routing number can always be found on the bottom left of the checks supplied by your bank, underneath the memo line. This is shown in the image below:bankfirstcheck

How to Wire Funds

To send money to people who are not BancFirst account holders online, customers should first login to online banking. They should then select the ‘Payments’ tab and then enter this information:

  • Recipient name
  • Recipient address
  • Account to transfer funds from
  • Date to send funds
  • Repeat transfer y/n

To transfer money between BancFirst accounts, customers should select the ‘Transfers’ tab in online banking and enter this information:

  • Account to transfer from
  • Account to transfer to
  • Date of transfer
  • Repeat transfer y/n