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BancorpSouth Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of BancorpSouth, Inc. As of 2012, BancorpSouth has over $13.2 billion in total assets. The bank is headquartered out of Tupelo, Mississippi.

BancorpSouth’s routing number enables customers to perform domestic/international wire transfers, as well as other forms of electronic transfers/payments (ACH transfers, direct deposit, etc). A detailed overview of BancorpSouth’s wire transfer process/service details (fees, etc.) can be viewed in the ‘How to Wire Funds’ section below.

Routing Number

  • 084201278


  • Not directly connected to the SWIFT network.

Routing Number On Check

BancorpSouth customers can locate their routing number on one of their BancorpSouth checks. A sample check can be seen below, with the location of where the SCCU routing number would appear outlined in black.

Note: The ABA routing number of an account will always be located in the lower-left corner of a check, directly to the left of the account number.

BancorpSouth Routing Number - Where to Locate on Check

BancorpSouth Routing Number – Where to Locate on Check


How to Wire Funds

Personal banking customers will typically need to initiate wire transfer requests in-person or over the phone. Business banking customers can initiate wire transfers online via BancorpSouth’s treasury management service.

The following information is required for an incoming domestic wire transfer:

  • Full name (as it appears on BancorpSouth account)
  • BancorpSouth account number
  • BancorpSouth routing number (084201278)
  • Amount to be wired
  • Specific details as required by sending financial institution

BancorpSouth Wire Transfer Fees:

  • Outgoing – $18.00
  • (Repetitive) Domestic Outgoing – $15.00
  • Incoming – $15.00
  • Foreign – $50.00