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Bank of Oklahoma was founded in 1910 as the Exchange National Bank of Tulsa that rose from the Farmers National Bank that had previously failed. The Exchange National Bank of Tulsa survived The Great Depression thanks to wealthy oil men in Tulsa, two of which were J.A. Chapman and William G. Skelly, put their own money in to help it survive. It was reorganized as the National Bank of Tulsa in 1933 and in 1975, it became the Bank of Oklahoma (BOK).

Bank of Oklahoma has both a routing number and SWIFT code so account holders can send and receive money transfers. The routing number is needed in all cases and the SWIFT code is necessary when sending money internationally. To learn more about transferring or wiring money, see this link.

Routing Number

  •  10390036

Swift Code

  •  BAOKUS44

Routing Number on a Check

 The routing number is found on the bottom left side of all checks, no matter the financial institution. The second string of numbers is the account number.

Sample Check

How to Wire Funds

Bank of Oklahoma customers can use the wire transfer services to send money to or receive money from other people all over the world. Wires can be sent in any currency and are guaranteed by the bank that the customer used to initiate the process. To initiate a wire transfer or to get more information, call (918)588-8655 in the Tulsa Area, (405)272-2496 in the OKC Area, or visit a bank location. The following information is required to transfer funds:

  • Name
  • Account Number
  • Routing Number
  • Additional details as required by the financial institution